Anne Richter
Thames & Hudson
ISBN 9780500510087
Language English
304 pages
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This is a comprehensive account of the royal and museum collections of dazzling jewellery in Southeast Asia. Encompassing all the territory covered by the modern boundaries of Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand , Indonesia, and the Philippines, the author examines the way in which jewellery forms are related to belief systems, social organizations, political structures, trading contacts, and diverse techniques. The photographs of jewellery in this book include necklaces, buckles, pendants, belts, buttons, ear studs, hairpins, anklets, torques, bracelets, and other pieces.

Editorial Reviews:

Only through a historical overview can anyone appreciate contemporary art--a maxim that holds true for jewelry as well as the finer arts. Richter, author of Arts and Crafts of Indonesia (1994), expands her considerable knowledge of Southeast Asia through centuries of gems, precious metals, and rare materials such as giant clamshells, agates, and ivory. With clear roots extending into the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, the earliest baubles and beads showcase a well-rounded aesthetic sense and sensitivity to media. Scholarly text, occasionally soporific, traces the evolution of jewelry in each country, from Burma to the Philippines, augmented in part by black-and-white period photographs. The piece de resistance, however, is attached to the end of each chapter, where color photographs reveal the true artistry of our Eastern neighbors--whether pigeon-blood Burmese rubies or incredibly intricate silver chatelaines from Vietnam. Appended are maps, notes, bibliography, materials, and techniques.