Jessica Hemmings
Black Dog Publishing
ISBN 9781906155964
Language: English
192 pages

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In the Loop: Knitting Now explores the progression of knitting, a craft which has come a long way from its fuzzy image of thick socks, long shawls and embarrassing motifs on Christmas jumpers. Now there are knitting groups that meet in quirky venues throughout the country, as well as hundreds of clubs and contemporary artists intent on reclaiming the craft. In the Loop maps knitting's journey from retro hobby to mainstream, contemporary trend. The book includes essays from numerous academics, artists and designers analysing contemporary knitting practice, illustrated throughout with a variety of exciting images - including artists who use knitting in their work, knitting's progression through the past few decades and other developments within the craft. Providing the reader with a fresh look at the subject, In the Loop is an essential book for anyone with an interest in contemporary knitting.