R. Mapplethorpe, P. Smith
ISBN 9783829600279
Language: only introduction in German. No text inside.
50 pages
categoria: natura, fiori, giardini
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Introduzione di Patti Smith The theme of flowers is woven throughout Robert Mapplethorpe's oeuvre, coming to signify some of his deepest concerns as an artist. The photographs in "Flowers" range from images of the early 1980s to many taken in the months just before his death. The latter, in particular, are astounding in their intensity; here one finds both erotic drama and absolute clarity of composition - Mapplethorpe's gift at its most bold and uncompromising. Only a fraction of Robert Mapplethorpe's color flowers have been published or exhibited. This book, exquisitely designed and produced, is destined to become a crucial part of his legacy.