Anna Sui, Dietmar Busse, Sarah Brown, Annalisa Suid, Tom Breidenbach, New York Botanical Garden Staff
PowerHouse Books
ISBN 9781576871751
Language English
79 pages
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Flower Album is a remarkable art monograph by noted fashion photographer Dietmar Busse, in association with Saks Project Art and the New York Botanical Garden. His highly original collection of portraits and paintings use a variety of flowers and blossoms. The stunning mix of vivid petals include irises, tulips, roses and sunflowers, along with enormous tropical lilies, orchids, and wax leaves, which serve as the artist's material. Busse's body is his canvas; dramatically primed from head to toe in chalky white and sometimes black paint. Leg, torso, foot, and face are covered with petals, magically transformed into breathtaking and hauntingly beautiful creations, at once whimsical and mysterious. Each page of Flower Album brings a new revelation. Busse brilliantly combines the inventive playfulness of a Galliano and the plant lover's appreciation for the fleeting beauty of nature, with an artists's insight into global art traditions. The result is a compelling book as much about the playful world of fashion and beauty as it is piercing drama about the darker side of the soul. The breadth and boldness of Busse's vision will surprise, amuse, and provoke fans of fashion, flowers, and art alike.