EMBROIDERED PURSES Design & techniques

Linda Tudor
ISBN 9780713488777
Language English
125 pages

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This is a sumptuous celebration of the embroidered purse in all its many forms - new in paperback. In this practical but inspirational book, acclaimed embroiderer and teacher Linda Tudor has created an essential guide to this perennial fashion item. The book covers: a history of embroidered purses from around the world, richly illustrated with some of the finest historical examples; easy-to-follow, practical information on purse construction, from simple two-sided purses to elaborate gusseted and box purses, with easy-to-follow diagrams and illustrations; innovative ideas for purse embellishment, illustrated with outstanding examples from contemporary textile artists; and projects that contain all the information you need to make some beautiful purses from start to finish, including a Chinese Silk clutch purse, a bonded silk and velvet purse and a cylindrical English patchwork Harlequin purse. Combining design, textile art and embroidery, "Embroidered Purses" is a book for all those looking to create their own exquisite purse. Whether you are an embroiderer or textile artist looking for a practical application for your work or from a fashion background, this is the book for you