DR. MARTENS The Story of an Icon

Martin Roach
ISBN 9781844110117
Language English
320 pages 18x18 cm

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For decades now, Dr. Martens and youth subculture have been inextricably linked, just as music and youth culture have been close partners in crime since the advent of rock 'n' roll. The story of the development of British pop music and popular culture, and of Doctor Martens, is thus shared to a remarkable degree. This book tells that story, from its beginning in the mid 60s (when the 'Hard Mods' adopted the DM as a badge of sartorial elegance) through to the era that truly established the Dr. Martens boot in cultural history - punk. When punk faded, Madness and other 80s bands in turn took to DMs, as did Grunge and, later, 'Britpop' bands such as Blur. The book is illustrated with over 100 colour and black and white photos of bands and their followers, together with cut-to-white photos of key examples of DMs themselves.