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The design-book series “Pattern Workbook“ focuses on essential patterns for designers and creatives. This includes design sets, precisely constructed patterns, accurate repeatand colour details.
The “Floral Patterns“ in this Pattern Workbook will suit your requirements on modern and timeless geometric style designs very well. Floral patterns used to be associated with summer dresses and wallpaper – meanwhile we find them on all items of fashion and accessories and all their styles. Floral patterns are omnipresent in interior- and textile design. Not only wallpapers show up floral.
You can use these patterns for all kind of purposes: besides fashion and beauty, for interior design, for wallpaper and gift wrapping, for stationery and the complete range of home- and household textiles – and why not as web backgrounds?
This Pattern Workbook – “Floral Patterns“ presents a wide range of themes: millefleurs, flower power and retro-prints, dark grounds, romantic-prints, feminin dessins, classical designs.
In this Pattern Workbook Vol. 3 – "Floral Patterns" and the enclosed DVD you will find over 140 Designs in up to date colourways. All patterns are vector-based, so they can be scaled continuously and without any loss.
The patterns are repeated precisely. The dimensions of the repeats are arranged in accordance with industrial standards. All patterns are arranged in layers so they can be processed right away.