IKEBANA A fresh look at Japanese flower arranging

D. Norman & M. Cornell
Conran Octopus Ltd
ISBN 9781840912470
Language English
160 pages

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Ikebana is the ancient art of flower arranging. Each floral structure is a carefully-balanced combination of form and space; it could be said that the elements an Ikebana artist chooses to leave out or cut away are given as much thought as those that remain. Contrary to Western flower arranging, no part of an Ikebana arrangement is random. Its carefully positioned leaves, stems and blooms echo the sculptural line of modern interiors. Indeed many concepts such as space, colour, material and form, which are an intrinsic part of interior design, are also at the heart of Ikebana. This practical guide shows how to arrange flowers according to the principles of the technique, with step-by-step instructions for a variety of designs aimed at novices and more experienced arrangers.

About the Author
Diane Norman is an ikebana master in the Japanese Ohara School of Ikebana. She has studied the subject for more than twenty years. She is a regular contributor to flower arranging magazines and this is her first book