Diamand Museum, Antwerpen
Vinciane van Grotenhuis van Onstein
ISBN 9789085864370
Language English
205 pages

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For the first time ever, in-depth research has been made into the history of the women who have led fashions in diamond jewellery. Strangely enough, these women are often synonymous with charisma, intelligence and audacity. They are not just mad about diamonds, they are above all examples for their generation. They set new trends with their life-style, their dress sense and their jewels. This is a beautiful story, where at each stage of human civilisation, women have gradually found freedom. Although they may have been seen as scandalous at the time, they all contribute to the development of the image of the free woman. Every era has its Diva and each Diva must be seen from the point of view of her era. First came the women of power such as Elizabeth I of England, or Catherine II (the Great) of Russia who were both very conscious of the importance of their image. Their image of power, so often expressed by sumptuous jewellery, took other monarchs by surprise. Louis XIV and Napoleon also understood how to put diamond jewellery to great use. For a long time, the court of France was an example of splendour and monarchical power. Others later followed this example by ordering majestic collections of jewellery. Later, in the 19th Century, rich women and wives of industrial leaders gave in to the temptation of possessing many diamonds as symbols of their wealth. Others, such as Empress Elizabeth of Austria or Eugenie of France led fashions due to their notoriety and their beauty. They become symbols of elegance. Legends such as Sarah Bernhardt, Gloria Swanson, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor or the Duchess of Windsor are often associated with their jewellery, as if the jewels were part of the Diva herself. These women still remain an inspiration for many designers and jewellery houses. In the USA, women such as Doris Duke, Daisy Fellowes or Barbara Hutton are known for their legendary jewellery collection and their exquisite taste. Princess Grace of Monaco, Jackie Kennedy and even Marilyn Monroe remind us of mythical moments such as a wedding, a public appearance, a scene of a film which we will always associate with a certain crown or necklace. Even today, exceptional women wear the world's most beautiful jewellery. If only at events in Cannes or in Holly- or Bolly- wood, our Divas will always be inspiring...