CLASSIC PAULA PRYKE Timeless floral design

Paula Pryke and Kevin Summers
Mitchell Beazley
ISBN 9781845333621
Language English
240 pages
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This definitive guide presents the very best of Paula Pryke's innovative ideas for creating stunning floral displays. Where do Paula's ideas come from? This is the most frequently asked question, and in the opening section Paula shares her artistic vision and explains her use of colour, shape, and style to set the mood for any occasion. She also looks at the unique demands of fulfiling a client's briefer responding to seasonal restrictions. Over 80 arrangements are illustrated, each with instructions on how to re-create them. 65 of these are covered in more detail with a personal commentary by Paula.Divided into two styles, Classic and Contemporary, these include arrangements that have stood the test of time and become classics, as well as those that are at the cutting edge of flower artistry today. Accompanying text explains what makes each arrangement unique. Using florist bouquets, cut garden flowers, and even vegetables and other items, Paula's easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions allows anyone to create ingenious compositions that will add colour and style to the home. Comprehensive information on techniques is also included together with a gallery of Paula's favourite flowers, accompanied by advice on how they are best used, plus practical information on care and vase life.
About the Author:
Paula Pryke runs a successful flower business which has a reputation for innovative floral designs. She has been described as "the most brilliant florist in London". Paula runs a flower school in London and is the author of numerous best-selling books on the subject. Kevin Summers is a photographer whose work is highly respected and sought after by a wide range of clients. In addition to his work on prestigious advertising campaigns, he has also been commissioned to produce editorial photographs for the World of Interiors, Elle, and The Observer's Life magazine. He has worked with Paula on several of her books including The New Floral Artist and Flower Innovations.