4000 FLOWER & PLANT MOTIFS - A sourcebook

Graham Leslie McCallum

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A sourcebook of 4000 flower and plant motifs suitable for artists, designers, craftspeople and embroiderers. The author's lifetime in design has enabled him to create a unique reference source of stunning motifs from a range of styles and historical periods. All the images are presented so that they can be enlarged and photocopied by all craftspeople, designers and artists. Whether you are a glass painter, woodworker, embroiderer, quilter, graphic designer or simply an artist, this book will have something to inspire you. The quality of the images in terms of originality and draughtsmanship sets this book apart from the competition. Organized around specific styles and periods for ease of use, this book is brimming with ideas. A detailed index and contents list helps the reader find just what they want. A wide range of styles are covered, including Egyptian, Greek, Romanesque, Byzantine, Folk, Medieval, Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, Art Nouveau, Art Deco. Specific flowers and plants are also covered in detail, including lilies, roses and tulips; leaves of different plants and trees; vegetables, from pumpkins to carrots; fruits, from apples, oranges and lemons to pineapples; trees, from firs to the palm trees. An introductory design class by the author helps the reader make the most of the book.