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A new textile trend magazine NEW YORK TEXTILE MONTHS

"..ecco la rivista di tendenza per il settore tessile; il design della moda inizia a concentrarsi sul tessuto, l'interior design riporta in auge la tappezzeria e gli studenti ritornano al telaio." 

  • TALKING TEXTILES - issue #2
  • TALKING TEXTILES - issue #2
  • TALKING TEXTILES - issue #2
  • TALKING TEXTILES - issue #2


TALKING TEXTILES - a new textile trend magazine  

The wild and vibrant second issue of TALKING TEXTILES is organised around the culture of cloth. In this trend magazine, the mood is up and creativity is on the loose, celebrating the revival of textiles.
This issue is filled with remarkable developments in textiles, art, clothes and interiors, from artisans and artists to mills, manufacturers, designers and innovators as well as talented graduates.
With colour, textile and yarn forecasts by Li Edelkoort, a whirlwind of floating fibres, harvested yarns, tubular colours, woven fences and knitted architecture will fuel readers' creative energy.
The sources of inspiring yarns contrast a biotech revolution with biological evolution, from farming the DNA of spiders to breeding the right food and the right sheep. From farm to fashion and from lab to elaboration,
yarns will dominate the near future grown, projecting a utopian future of sustainable growth and the renaissance of smaller cottage industries spanning the Hudson Valley, Silicon Valley and Mount Fuji's Yamanashi region.
From 3D drawings of laces to robots knitting wire, a young generation is aiming at a high-tech future where ethereal beauty can shape clothes and promises to knit bridges.
This trend tool is brimming with innovation and examples of expressive textile design, exploring ever-changing ways to bring fabrics to the fore, and collectively defending textiles as an intrinsic part of life and style.

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